Traditional Handicrafts
Dawei Region has their own patterns for the traditional loungyi. Most Dawei’s loungyi are produced in weaving factories, although there are still some traditional hand weaving places.
Wood carving
The region has several wood carving shops. The carvings will be used as part of the construction in the houses and as decorative art work to hang on the walls.
Broom making
Dawei has a broom handicraft place, where brooms are made for local use and even exported to other Asian countries.

Wooden sunshades
Famous in this area are the wooden sunshades, there are different places where you can see the craftsmen and women  making the sunshades hanging in front of the histrorical buildings. Esspecially the ones with the colorful drawings are very popular.
Weaving grassmats
On the other site of the river on the Peninsula, grassmats are woven at the houses in the villages. Part of the grass is dyed in different attractive colors. The grassmats are used in the house, at the pagoda’s and also with picnics near the beach.
Wooden shoes
The women at the fish market as well as many locals in the fishing villages still wear wooden shoes. There are still a few places where you can see how the wooden shoes are made.
In downtown Dawei, you can find the potterie village where they make the famous plate with small lids for the Dawei traditional dessert as well as the water pots used daily by the locals and carried on the head of the ladies of the water fetches dance.
Wooden Boats
On the other site of the Dawei River at the Peninsula there is a boat wharf where they built traditional wooden fishing boats.
Traditional desserts
Locals from Dawei Region love desserts, in the afternoon, you will find on different spots in the city women who make their own type of traditional dessert, in different neighborhoods at the local houses different types of local desserts are produced. Most of the desserts have coconut as an ingredient.
Fish crackers
Dawei Region is famous about their fish crackers, you can buy them at different places. At a few places in the township you can see how they are made.
Cashew industry
In the whole region you see the beautiful cashew plantations, especially near the ocean you will find the trees with the beloved fruits. Next to the nut, you can also eat the flesh and the skin. Dawei is famous over all Myanmar about the production of the cashew nuts. Cashews from all over the country are transported to the region to be prepared for the local and export market.