1. Historical Houses
During its long history, many cultures have left an impression on Dawei. Walk in town to see history!  Traditional Dawei homes, British colonial buildings and early 20th century Chinese structures show our past. Guides are available to give you a tour.
2. Beaches and Seafood
Just outside Dawei are the region’s best beaches, including Maung Magan, Tizit and Grandfather’s Beach. They are just a short motorbike or car ride away. Explore and enjoy some of these beautiful spots, and visit restaurants at Maung Magan and other areas for fantastic local seafood. Enjoy!
Dawei Popular Co.
Dawei Popular Co.

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Coconut Travel & Tour

Jade Flower Tour Myeik
Jade Flower Tour Myeik

Dawei Popular Co.
Dawei Popular Co.

3. Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda
Located in Dawei Township, Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda is over 250 years old. Built by Kong Shwe Taung Sar, this well maintained pagoda is also called “Payagyi.” It has many fine buildings, including the Chamber of Enshrinement, a library, and a wonderful museum.
4. Nine Shin Pagodas
Of special importance to the people of Myanmar, the nine pagodas of the Dawei region reflect location culture and tradition. Located throughout the region, people travel to these pagodas on pilgrimages. The Shin Maw pagoda is one of the finest and it is 52 miles from Dawei.
5. Central Market, Gold Shops and the Night Market
Visit the colorful and vibrant local markets. Located in the middle of Dawei, the old British building has a large market selling a wide range of typical local goods and fresh foods. Gold and jewelry shop surround the market building and are well worth a visit. At night, this area becomes an outdoor market of food and goods.
6. Trekking Trips
The beaches and rainforest provide wonderful areas for trekking. Hire a local guide to hike along these beautiful and scenic areas of Myanmar. A real adventure!
7. Mountain Bike Trails
Fantastic Mountain Bike trails and guides are also available.  Local guides can arrange bike rentals and tour you through their favorite places.

8. Traditional WorkshopsThe Dawei area is one of the only tourist areas in Myanmar with traditional workshops. The region is famous for its cashew nut industry, broom making, wooden sunshades with decorative painted designs, weaving grass mats, traditional Dawei desserts, potteries, fish crackers, wooden boats, wooden shoes, weavers and many more. These goods are used by local people and are also interesting, unique items for tourists. Ask your local guide for the hidden spots.
9. Museums
The regional Culture Museum on the Strand road and a local museum near the Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda are worth a visit. View interesting displays about Dawei and the surrounding area. See map for locations.
10. Waterfalls
Popular with local people and tourists, this area is alive with waterfalls during the rainy season and the early part of the dry season.. Most spectacular is the Taw Gye waterfall located a distance from Dawei, but well worth a visit.